21 Jun

Working with a Licensed Mortgage Advisor you can Trust.


Posted by: Debra Carlson

A trusted and licensed mortgage advisor works for you. We represent you and what is in your best interest and not what is in the best interest of the lending institution. We are not a lending institution employee and working with the lending institutions best interest in mind; Lending institutions cross-selling incentives (Lines of credit, credit cards, etc.) may cloud the mortgage financing process.
An experienced and trusted mortgage broker is well educated, well versed with all aspects of mortgage financing/home purchasing, creative, thinks “outside of the box” and is determined to put a mortgage together. We are licensed, regulated, and held to a high level of ethical conduct and character. Our reputation is paramount, honesty and integrity are our business, and we are consistently transparent.
A trusted mortgage advisor is your representative beyond the life of the mortgage. We are here for all aspects of your mortgage financing, even after your mortgage financing has completed.
Life can become hectic and complicated at times. We are always available to offer honest, unbiased, and important advice. We obtain answers for you when your lending institution is not responding to you, answer your questions, work out potential scenarios for you, help with negotiating your mortgage renewals, refinancing, relocating to another city or province and so much more!

To summarize, you can trust a well established, competent and knowledgeable mortgage broker for the following reasons:
1) Competence and knowledge. We have levels of competence and knowledge which inspire trust.
2) We have ethical conduct and character. Our reputation is paramount, and our honesty and integrity are impeccable.
3) We handle sensitive information with the utmost respect and confidentiality.
4) We are transparent and open.
5) We are a “person of our word” and hold our self- accountable for all actions.

Remember, it is always in your best interest to have a professional that is working for you and what is in your best interest!

14 Jun

Get Unbiased Advice when you choose a Licensed Mortgage Broker


Posted by: Debra Carlson

Unbiased Advice

Mortgage Brokers are industry professionals that provide free, independent financial advice. It doesn’t cost you a cent to call us for professional advice or a second opinion. In most cases, purchasing a home is the largest investment you will make, and it is critical that you understand the details of the financial options available to you before you sign. Mortgage Brokers are licensed to specifically deal in mortgages, and we are regulated by provincial and national government bodies. Your mortgage is our speciality. We aren’t pressured to sell you a chequing account, or a car loan, and we won’t be transferred to a new department in 6 months. We do mortgage planning, and we do it at no cost at all to you. In most cases, as we are paid by the lender that we match you with.

Shawn Stillman said it well in a Home In Focus magazine interview:

“In no other industry can investors get financial advice for which they don’t have to pay. In the mortgage industry, the lender pays for it. It doesn’t cost the investors anything to get a second opinion. Brokers get paid by the lender, so it doesn’t cost the client anything to use a broker’s services. From start to finish, investors get impartial advice with multiple options and it’s free, so why would you not go ahead and do that? 

If you look at most of the mistakes that investors make, they occur because the investor didn’t have enough information. Especially when you’re investing, it’s critical to know everything before making the final call; that means looking at the little details that help point investors in the right direction.”  Home In Focus: Canadian Mortgage Environment, March 30th, 2017.

As always, contact me if you have any questions or concerns at all. If you are new to my service Welcome! If I have worked with you before, I promise to continue to provide you with outstanding service and attention to your financing needs.


8 Jun

Top 10 Reasons for using a Licensed Mortgage Broker


Posted by: Debra Carlson

Many people are unsure about the advantages of working with a licensed Mortgage Broker/Advisor. Here are the top 10 advantages of working with a licensed mortgage advisor.

1. Unbiased Advice: Mortgage Brokers are industry professionals that provide free, independent financial advice. It doesn’t cost you a dime to call us for professional advice or a second opinion.
2. Trust: We work for you. We are paid on commission, only when you are satisfied with our product offering, and the deal is done.
3. Availability: We don’t keep “banker’s hours”. We are always only a phone call or an email away.
4. Expertise: We get your financing approved to its fullest potential.
5. Negotiation: A good mortgage broker is also a savvy negotiator. We represent you to negotiate best terms, conditions, and rates.
6. Options, Options, Options: Who doesn’t like options? A good broker has a variety of lenders and products to suit your needs.
7. A-B-C Mortgage Solutions: Not everyone has a perfect application for an “A” mortgage product. Many people, for a variety of reasons, will need the option of alternative or private lending.
8. Reading the Fine Print: We make sure you understand it.
9. Ongoing Service Commitment: You are our client for the life of the mortgage!
10. $$$$ Money$$$$!: Yes, we have extremely competitive rates! We can save you money!

Going forward, I will go more in-depth on each one of these points to showcase just how vital it is to work with an advisor that you can trust to work on your behalf.  Call me any time you have any questions about these points or anything you think I can help you with, and check back regularly for more updates.